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Sequestration of the estate of


The Estate of Shawn Thomas Young residing at St Cuthberts Cottage, Chapel Farm, Moffat DG10 9SB was sequestrated by The Accountant in Bankruptcy on 18 February 2009 and Blair Carnegie Nimmo, Chartered Accountant, 191 West George Street, Glasgow G2 2LJ, has been appointed by The Accountant in Bankruptcy to act as Trustee on the sequestrated estate.

Any creditor of the debtor named above is invited to submit their statement of claim in the prescribed form, with any supporting account or vouchers, to the Trustee. The date for claim purposes is 18 February 2009.

Any creditor known to the Trustee will be contacted and advised of whether the Trustee intends to call a statutory meeting of creditors.

Blair C Nimmo, Trustee

191 West George Street, Glasgow G2 2LJ.