Clean Air

-3.25071055.932252EH11 3YJ-3.19073055.950377EH1 1YJThe City of Edinburgh2009-03-092009-02-032009-02-10EH113YJEH11YJEnvironment Act 1995ENVIRONMENT ACT 1995TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Clean Air

The City of Edinburgh Council



Notice is hereby given that the City of Edinburgh Council (“the Council”) in exercise of the powers conferred upon it by Section 83 (1) of the Environment Act 1995 has on third February 2009 made an Order (“the Order”), entitled The City of Edinburgh Council Air Quality Management Area Order 2009, declaring the Area (“the designated Area”) described in the Schedule hereto to be an Air Quality Management Area.

The Order will come into operation on 9 March 2009 and may be varied or revoked by a subsequent Order.

When the Order comes into operation the Council will cause a further assessment to be made of both the present quality of air and the likely future quality of air within the designated Area in respect of the objectives set out in the Air Quality (Scotland) Regulations 2000, as amended by the Air Quality (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2002, for the annual mean objective for nitrogen dioxide and will report its findings within 12 months. The Council shall also comply with its obligation to prepare an action plan in pursuit of the achievement of air quality standards and objectives in the designated Area by incorporating its action plan for the designated Area in a review and revision of its current Air Quality Action Plan. The Council may also revise its Air Quality Action Plan from time to time.

A copy of the Order and the plan referred to therein may be inspected free of charge at the Reception Desk, Chesser House, 500 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 3YJ, during normal Council opening hours – namely 8.30am to 5.00pm Mondays to Thursdays and 8.30am to 3.40pm on Fridays.


That section of Ferry Road (A902), Edinburgh, extending west to east a distance of 120 metres from the eastmost edge of Largo Place, Edinburgh to its junction with Great Junction Street and extending down the extent of Great Junction Street, Edinburgh a distance of 720 metres to the westmost edge of Constitution Street, Edinburgh, all as shown edged in a broken black line and shaded orange on the plan annexed and executed as relative hereto.

Gill Lindsay, Council Solicitor

City Chambers, High Street, EDINBURGH EH1 1YJ.

Date: 10 February 2009.