Companies Removed from Register

2007-01-26Companies Act 1985COMPANIES ACT 1985TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Companies Removed from the Register


Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 652A of the Companies Act 1985, that at the end of three months from the date of the publication of this notice, the names of the Companies in the list below will, unless cause is shown to the contrary, be struck off the register and the Companies will be dissolved.

These Companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

Abbeyworth Limited

Actual Reality Consultants Limited

Alistair Ross Contracts (Building Services) Ltd.

Amber Kitchen Limited

And So Baby Grows Limited

AN Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Limited

Antag (UK) Ltd.

ARR (Glasgow) Limited

Arties Gallery Cafe Ltd.

Atlantas Catering Limited

Barbour Aviation Limited

Barramundi Consultants Ltd.

BAX UK Limited

Biko Trading Limited

The Blether Magazine Limited

Body of Scots Limited

Border House Doctor Limited

Breeze 21 Limited

Brookcove Limited

Buchanan Motor Company Limited

Cairnoch Services Ltd.

Caledonian Distance Learning Limited

Calldale Limited

Callpoint Limited

C & G Cameron Limited

Candlecraft Limited

C.B.H. Computing Support Limited

Chinevill Limited

Cityzest Limited

Clyde Offshore Limited

Colin Hunter Medical Limited

Commercial Hotel (Halkirk) Limited

Connect Telecommunications Limited

Crawston Ltd

Crerar & Allan Limited

Criggie & May Limited

Crofthead Management Services Limited

Cross Street Guest House Limited

CW Training Services Ltd

Dalglen (No. 1014) Limited

Dalmatian Developments Limited

Data & Document Solutions Limited

Dave Stewart Drums Limited

David Burnie Contractors Limited

Davidson Chalmers Investment Clubs (Shareholdings) Limited

Delta Industrial Projects (Europe) Ltd.

Design Roofing Ltd.

Devine QA Limited

Dickie & Moore (Killermont Gate) Ltd.

Donald Whyte (Plumbing And Heating) Ltd

Dundee Site Clearances Limited

Eagle Lodge (Scotland) Limited

Eastern Star Stirling Limited

Eastwynd Limited

Edinburgh Exploration Limited

Electric Skeleton Limited

Eltherm Limited

Engineersonnet Limited

Eskbrook Limited

Fashion Spot (Scotland) Limited

Faxdata Services Ltd

Fibreglass Engineers (Tanks) Limited

F.I.K. Limited

Financial Dynamic Ltd.

Financial Solutions (Scotland) Limited

Firstform (107) Limited

Flopex Limited

4C Management Consultants Ltd.

Freak Studios Limited

Freelance Euro Services (CLXXIX) Limited

G & C Menzies Limited

G & S. Smith (Joiners & Builders) Limited

Garden Crosshouse Limited

Gas Properties Limited

George Macdonald Garages Limited

George R. Cran Limited

Glanmore (Avebury Boulevard No. 2) Limited

Golfcache Ltd.

Grampian Investments Limited

Grant Armstrong (Hamilton) Limited

Gray Brothers (Haulage Contractors) Limited

Grigor International Limited

Handale Enterprises Limited

Hermitage Guest House Ltd.

Hillside House Hotel Limited

Hillview Consultancy Ltd. Limited

Ideal World Media Limited

Imperial Palace Uphall Limited

International Wireline Services Ltd

Inverglen Legal Services Limited

Italia Direct Ltd

Itane Limited

J.A.L. Services Limited

James Watt Dock Construction Limited

James Watt Dock Developments Limited

J & L Interiors (Scotland) Ltd.

JCF Partners Limited

Jeanette Clark Limited

J.M. Gilchrist (Computing) Ltd.

Job Link UK Ltd

John Adamson & Sons Ltd.

John Crawford & Co. (Plumbers) Limited

Jonathan Kirk Consulting Limited

JS & Co. Construction Ltd.

JVL Property Development Limited

Kenny Racing Limited

Kirk Road Fish and Chicken Bar Limited

KJBB Limited

Kvaerner Humberoak Limited

Lainchbury Limited

Larchwood Safetec Limited

Legal Signing Direct Ltd.

Lifestyle Academy Limited

Limone Media Limited

Loch Lomond Waterpark Limited

Lochwinnoch Construction Services Limited

Macqueen Air Conditioning

Maintenance Training Services (Helensburgh) Limited

M & A Anderson Limited

Mannint Limited

Marcmarc Ltd.

Martyn Maintenance Ltd.

MB24 Limited

McConnell Contracts (Kilmarnock) Ltd.

McGiffen Transport Limited

McLaren Landscapes Limited

MDZ Limited

MH Roofing (UK) Limited

Miedema Limited

Miller House Investments Limited

Mill Lands Limited

Mindchute Limited

MMAC Imports Limited

M.O. Creative Limited

Money Save Limited

Moto 1 Promotions Limited

Mountwest 683 Limited

Mountwest 213 Limited

M Plant & Equipment Limited

Mr Yu’s Buffet Restaurant Limited

MTQ Subsea Limited

My Beautiful Balloon Limited

Nasser’s Bazaar Limited

Nationwide Coatings Limited

Natures Larder Limited

Neriman Limited

Network of International Business Consultants Limited

Nicola Haldane Limited

Northwood Design & Interiors Limited

Northyork Limited

O I E Ltd.

The One Stop Mortgage Centre Ltd

On Site Therapeutics Ltd

Oscar (Scotland) Limited

Pak Ho Ltd.

Paw Paw Productions Limited

Perfect Nails Ltd.

Pipeline Supply Services Ltd

P M Tec Ltd.

Powerbus Limited

Premnay Networks Limited

Printing Systems & Investments Limited

Prism AV Systems Limited

Projectech IT Solutions Limited

Project IT Limited

The Property Specialist Limited

Property Village Limited

PZ Limited

Questdale Limited

Quids in Equestrian Services Limited

RAV Investments Limited

RD’s Restaurant Aviemore Limited

Regarcie Elgin Ltd.

Renfrew Decorating Services Limited

Response Trailer Repairs Limited

RGM : Projects Ltd.

Richard Scott Computing Limited

The Ringtone Magazine Ltd.

Room 402 Limited

Root Developments Limited

Rosyth Investments Limited

RPM Systems Limited

Ryan Decorators Limited

S.A.M. Blair Limited

S & S (Scotland) Limited

SAS Cost Consultants Limited

S.A.S. (Glasgow) Ltd

SCM Scotland Ltd

Scottcad Limited

Scott Designs Ltd.

Security Services Scotland Limited

Sident Scotland Limited

Simpsons Systems Enterprises Limited

Skirmish Air Soft Limited

SMD Oil and Gas Limited

Sparkling Bubbles and Bows Limited

SPM Soft Drinks Ltd.

Stables Electrical Limited

Stans Domestic Repair Limited

Steward and Bennett Financial Services Limited

Still and Nicholson Consultancy Ltd.

Strathdearn Homes (Larbert) Limited

Sunflowers Ltd

Sunshine Autos Limited

Sushiya Ltd.

S W H (Systems) Ltd.

Swingout Scotland Limited

Swinton Trading Limited

Tasty Food Edinburgh Limited

Techware Consultancy Ltd.

Telework Solutions Limited

Texstyle World Home Limited Limited

Thorncrest Limited

360 Degrees Communications (Scotland) Limited

Timeshare Direct Limited

Tinshift Ltd

Toni & Guy (Inverness) Limited

Toni & Guy (Inverness) (Property) Limited

Tridant Limited

2L & A Limited

Ty Owain Enterprise Ltd.

UOE Trading Ltd.

Venture Fastener & Engineering Services Ltd.

Walkers Transport (Turriff) Limited

Watling Limited

Wellbrae Contracts Limited

Wenteck Enterprises Limited

West Highland Travel Limited

Whitecherry Limited

Wilson Clyde Computer Services Limited

Wisdom Integration Limited

Ythanside Engineering Limited

Dorothy Blair, Registrar of Companies

Companies House, 37 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2EB.