Companies Removed from Register

Companies Act 1985COMPANIES ACT 19852007-01-19TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Companies Removed from the Register


Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 652A of the Companies Act 1985, that at the end of three months from the date of the publication of this notice, the names of the Companies in the list below will, unless cause is shown to the contrary, be struck off the register and the companies will be dissolved. These Companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

A & G Driveways Limited

A & M Property Limited

Abbey Inns (Cambuskenneth) Ltd.

ABS Paveswell Limited

Acrobounce (Scotland) Limited

ACR Outlet Limited.

ADM Architecture & Design Limited

AFRA Catering Ltd.

Airward Aviation Limited

Alan Woods Consultants Limited

Alistair Moore Associates Limited

A Macphee Limited

Anderson Dry Lining Services Ltd.

Anderson Hughes Hydraulic-Mechanical-Engineering Services Ltd.

Anderson Maguire Memorials Ltd.

Andrew Harrow Limited

Apax Packaging Limited

The Argyle & Sutherland Limited

At Home Anywhere Limited

Atlasco Limited

Baby Go Ltd.

Balnuith Properties Ltd.

B&H Properties (UK) Ltd

Bannerkwik Limited

BB Fabrications Limited

Belmont Forestry Limited

The Ben Nevis Inn Limited

Bethlan Limited

BF 7 Limited

Bima Two Remax Real Estate Corstorphine Limited

Blair Engineering Limited

Boiler Services (Tayside) Limited

Bonne Lingerie Limited

Boston Developments Limited

Bothwell Commercial Vehicle Sales Ltd.

Bothwell Street Restaurants Limited

Bowair & Sea Services (U.K.) Limited

Boxer Media Limited

Braid Draper Limited

Bubhappy Ltd

Budha Leisure & Entertainment Ltd.

Business Solution Consultants Limited

Calder Medical Limited

Calderway Limited

Callpoint Resources Limited

Campbell Trading Ltd.

Capital Tools And Supplies Limited

Carduus Ltd.

.Carr. Chiropody And Podiatry Services Limited

CDM Scoping Limited

Central Wirework Company Limited

Christie Telecom Ltd.

Clayeng Limited

Claymore Finance Limited

Cloudbusters Limited

C.M.T. Aberdeen Limited

Co-Driver Limited

Comexim International Limited

Competitive Edge Computer Solutions Ltd.

C1 Bars Limited

Conext Limited

Cordah Research Limited

Country Contracts Limited

Craigwell Limited

Crookfur Cabs Ltd.

Curry Capital Ltd.

Cutefurries Ltd.

Cygnus Cab Company (Accounts) Limited

D A Fusco Joiner Services Ltd.

David Hodgson (Holdings) Limited

D.B. Christie Ltd.

D B Excavations Limited

De Silva Imports Limited

Devtech Services Limited

Directed Intelligence Limited

DMWS 530 Limited

D34 Properties Limited

Duddingston House Brechin Limited

Edenforth Limited

Edinburgh Talent House Limited

E L C Consulting Ltd

Electronic Design Solutions Ltd.

Ellgrove Limited

Elnet Data Equipment Limited

Epsilon Education Consultancy Ltd.

Estwag Limited

Euro Satellites Ltd.

Extendahoose Ltd

Fairdeal Traders Ltd.

Fashion Scene Ltd.

Fhailte Properties Ltd.

First Line In Promotions (FLIP) Limited

First Moves Fitness Solutions Uk Ltd

Focus Environmental Solutions Limited

Focus Well Engineering Ltd.

Foillsichearan Agus Sgriobhadairean NA H-Alba Limited

Foulford Developments (Fife) Limited

4 Minutes Limited Limited

Freelance Euro Services (CXXXVIII) Limited

Gap.C. Leisure Limited

Gardenbrook Limited

GDR Enterprises Limited

Geodelft (Scotland) Limited

Glass-Paisley Limited

Glassworks Properties Limited

Gordon Simpson Haulage Ltd.

Grovepoint Limited

GRW Consulting Services Limited

GSC Maintenance Ltd.

Handav Limited

H & S Homes Limited

Harbour Views Limited

Harper Developments (Scotland) Ltd.

Harrod Developments Limited

Hastie Street Developments Limited

Hazel W Ltd.

Heather Rose Limited

Henderson Davies Limited

Highland Wedding Belles Limited

Ian Macintosh (Retail) Limited

Ibex Roofing Ltd.

I-Genie Ltd.

I I Robotics Limited

I.J. Elliot Limited

ILS Integrated Logistics Solutions Limited

The Indian Wellsproperty Co. Ltd.

Innomed Limited

Insignia Homes Limited

Install Electrical Services Limited

Internet TV Limited

Islay Kerr (Management) Limited

I-Tech Software Limited

Jacwin Limited

James Forrest & Son (Wine & Spirit Merchants) Limited

James Nelmes Consulting Limited

James S. Warnock Ltd.

J & C Contracts Limited

J. D. Craig Limited

Jean Kellet Associates Limited

Joe Comerford Ltd.

John White Plumbing Limited

Jomarst Ltd.

Jordanvale Limited

Joseph W. Burley & Partners (Scotland) Ltd.

Julia Cafe Limited

JWS Surveying Limited

Karate Festivals Limited

Kent Road Developments Limited

Kerrkenna Systems Ltd.

Kincurdie Development Company Limited

Kingdom Computer Services Limited

King George VTH Garden Centre Limited

King Premier Food (Sales) Limited

K J J Associates Ltd.

The Klownz Group Limited

KPDT Limited

Kramer (East Kilbride) Ltd.

Krausekids Limited

KT Enterprises Limited

La Pannini Limited

Lawside Health & Safety Ltd.

Leonard Property Consultants Ltd

Letsgotothebar Limited

Link-Point UK Ltd.

Lionthorpe Limited

Liquid Blue Scotland Limited

Little Duckling Emporium Limited

Little Poppets (Clydesdale) Limited

Loch Insh Hires Limited

The Lomonds Gallery Limited

Machinery & Monitoring Services Limited

Mac Properties (Strathclyde) Limited

Mactrax Limited

Magink Ltd.

Mandalay (UK) Limited

M & R Promotions Limited

Manilaman Ltd.

Manor House Hotels Ltd.

Marthrown Of Mabie Limited

Martin I Bulman Limited

Matthews Engineering Ltd.

McGillivray Consultants Ltd.

Mckay Truck Maintenance Limited

Meadowside Commercial Ltd.

Mediena Homes (Scotland) Limited

Merrin Enterprises Limited

Miramar Technical Services Ltd

Mitre Joinery & Construction Limited

Morton's Coffee Co. (Stirling) Limited

Mountwest 665 Limited

Mountwest 664 Limited

MSS Recovery Limited

MTSL Limited

Mynters Ltd.

Network Express Couriers Ltd.

Newtonhill Trust

Noisufnoc Limited

Northbeat Limited

Oban Trading Limited

Orra Developments Limited

Oscars (Greenock) Limited

Pacific Shelf 1381 Limited

Pallets Scotland Ltd.

Palmer Cereals (Holdings) Limited

P & D McFarlane & Son Ltd.

Parkinson Consultancy (Aberdeen) Limited

Patisserie Du Jour Limited

Peakgrow Limited

Pentair Enclosures Limited

Perscot Limited

P.G. Resort U.K. Limited

PHIAD Limited

Pin-Hi Services Limited

The Platinum Limo Company (Glasgow Franchise) Ltd.

Poa San Restaurant Limited

Proflaw Limited

Projects & Prototypes Ltd.

Queensferry Property Company Limited

Ramrod Welding Products Limited

Rapid Install Limited

Ravenous Limited

Red Paw Solutions Limited

Reekie Financial Services Limited

Robert Burns (Motor Sports) Ltd.

Rossden Transport Limited

Ross Tubular Services Limited

R S Paterson (Computer Services) Limited

Salica Drilling Limited

Sanderson Homes Limited

Scot-Dec Ltd.

Scotlind Draughting Limited

Scot Tech Bus Ltd.

Scottrade Roofs Limited

Scubaquest Limited

Sean Hanlon Limited

Service Wizard Limited

Shapephase Limited

Silver Service UK Limited

Simpletech Europe

S.J. Kennedy Services (UK) Ltd.

SMTI Association Limited

Soft Services Solutions Limited

Some Colour Limited

Son-IX Technologies Ltd.

South Lanarkshire Construction Maintenance Limited

Star Associates Limited

Stewart Structural Services Ltd.

Strathearn Bakery Limited

Streete UK Limited

Stronghold Services Limited

Tabernacle Properties Ltd.

Tang's Enterprise Limited

Term Management Services Limited

Thermastorm Ltd.

Tomtech Designs Limited

Toni & Guy (Dundee) (Property) Limited

Torry Research Limited

Toystore Inc Ltd.

Treadstone Safety Limited

Triumph Homes 2000 Limited

Truffles Of Dunkeld Limited

UK Slate Distributors Limited

UM3R Limited

Upway Ltd.

VC Global Ltd.

Ventec Business Services Limited

Wallace IT Consulting Ltd.

Warriston Limited

Webmode Technology Limited

West Calder Brewery Ltd.

The West End Travel Company (Scotland) Limited

Westview Stirling Limited

Wheelie Good Bikes Limited

Whitfield Activity Complex Limited

Wholesale Logistics Limited

Wilson J Bruce Electrical Contractor Limited

Windrush Marketing Limited

Wing Fung TCM Limited

W L Joinery Ltd

Wok Cuisine Limited

Wood ‘N’ Stone Limited

Workhard Playhard Limited

Work Life Partnerships Scotland Limited

Yuill Contractors Limited

Zazam Limited

Dorothy Blair, Registrar of Companies

Companies House, 37 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2EB.