Companies Removed from Register

2006-07-28Companies Act 1985COMPANIES ACT 1985TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Companies Removed from the Register


Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 652A(5) of the Companies Act 1985, that the names of the undermentioned Companies have been struck off the register. Such Companies are accordingly dissolved as from the date of publication of this notice. These Companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

The first notice of intended dissolution of these Companies was published at least 98 days ago.

Abbot Shaugh Developments Limited

Aberdeen Composite Company (1115) Limited

Aberdeen Composite Company (1217) Limited

Aberdeen Composite Company (1267) Limited

Aberdeen Composite Company (1226) Limited

ActivB2B Ltd.

Admob Limited

A.F.B. Training Services Ltd.

Agency Alba Limited

Airwolf Limited

Alajuela Limited

Albakirk Limited

Alcaraz Limited

Alexander Morton Homes Limited

Amarilis Limited

Aminas Computing Services Limited

Amineshe Services Limited

Anahuac Limited

Angels City Limited

Angus McMurtrie (Blacksmiths) Limited

Atlantic Lemurs Limited

Auld Coating Inspection (Perth) Ltd.

Baradean Limited

Beachflight Limited

Beers Online Limited

Beijing City (Saltcoats) Limited

Bell & Grape Limited

Belsarie Limited

Beluga Bay Limited

Ben Rinnes Consultancy Limited

The Berkeley Hotel (Ayr) Limited

Bewick Consultants Limited

Bishofberger Limited

Blue Pacha Limited

Bricol Developments Limited

Bridgelife Limited

Bridgeweb Limited

Bright Ideas Scotland Ltd.

Brig Inn (Aberdeen) Limited

Business Ventures 1998 Limited

Calec (Aberdeen) Limited

Caledonia Club-Class Ltd.

C & J Catering Limited

Castle (2000) Construction Limited

Celect (Aberdeen) Limited

Celestina Limited

Central Testing Ltd

CGM Electronic Services Limited

Chardon Homes (West of Scotland) Limited

Cheekwood Limited

Chesur Limited

Chez Francis Limited

Chisme Limited

Chitina Limited

Chupamirto Limited

CJ Commodities Limited

Claire Burkitt Limited

Clean Hands Limited

Clockwork Aviation Services Ltd.

CM Security Ltd.

Cobbs Ltd.

Cogmedia Limited

Colin C Munro Limited

Collective Action

Combi-Tek Aberdeen Limited

Competitive Edge Network Limited

Compliance Synergy Limited

Cool Breeze Productions Limited

Corporate Shooting Limited

Corporate Shooting (UK) Limited

Craig Rossie Construction Limited

Crescent Sun Limited

Crest Pet Foods (Inverurie) Limited

Crossan Limited

Culduthel Lodge Limited

Cultivar Limited

Dargavel Waste Processors Limited

D. Armit N.D.T. Limited

Decorhome Ltd.

Deeside Properties Limited

DERFL Limited

Design Division Limited

Designstep Limited

Direct Nutrition Ltd

Diversity Scotland Ltd.

D M Management (Scotland) Ltd.

Door Entry Systems Limited

Dragon and Rooster Limited

Dunedin Decorators Limited

ECAS Development Limited

ECD (Ritchman Engineering) Limited

E.E.L. Electronics Limited

Ellis & McDougall Lifts Limited

EL Partenon Limited

EL Rinconcito Limited

Eremurus Limited

Exodus Telematics Limited

Extra Elegance Limited

Fairways (Glasgow) Limited

Faspol Limited

Financial Tactics Limited

Five Star Diamonds Limited

Flairvest (Triple A) Limited

Forces Family Dental Plan Ltd.

Forth Skips Limited

The Fox Pub Company Ltd

Freedom Dynasty Limited

Freelance Euro Services (MCLXXXV) Limited

Garden River Limited

G.E.K. Limited

Gemcross Homes (Easthouses) Limited

Girnalda Limited

GM Initiatives Limited

Grandsail Limited

Grangecove Limited

Grape Attack Ltd.

Great Seas Limited

Greensboro Limited

Grooms Catering Limited

Guacamayo Limited

Guayaquil Limited

Harvard Property Developments Limited

The Hatton Garage Limited

Havanese Limited

Herbal Medicines Limited

Hopefield Business Consultants Limited

Hornall’s Electrical Services Limited

Housing Executive Support & Development Services Limited

Iain Paterson Design Limited

Ian Agnew Yacht Repairs Limited

Idabell Limited

IJH Engineering Limited

IN Consultancy Ltd.

Integrated Product Management Ltd

Interpress Printing & Graphic Machinery Limited

Irvine Leisure Limited

Jacfi Engineering Ltd.

Jadele Consultancy Limited

J & W Services Ltd.

Jarl Solutions Limited

Julgar Limited

Kariba Coffee Company Limited

Keith Lawson Landscaping Ltd.

Kerr Blyth Construction Limited

Keystone Enterprises (Aberdeen) Limited

La Balear Limited

La Bufa Limited

Lake Forest Limited

L. & C. Waste-Tech Limited

Laridae Limited

Laser Shot UK Limited

Laverty & Sons Limited

Lawson-Fix (EK) Ltd.

Leeklein Limited

Lift ‘N’ Shift (UK) Ltd.

Lightridge Limited

L.I.S. (Glasgow) Ltd.

Loch Ness Water Company Limited

Longest Journey Limited

Lufer Limited

L. Williamson (Shetland) Limited

MacKinco (41) Limited

McCall Medical Limited

Mearns Park Nurseries Limited

Medalla Limited

Medical & Professional (Insurance Brokers) Ltd.

Melati Limited

Memory Magic Limited

Millennium Repairs Limited

Millennium Title Limited

MM&S (4009) Limited

Monaco Dynasty Limited

Monument Public Houses Ltd.

Morag’s Kitchen Limited

Moray Bookkeeping Services Limited

Morning Start Limited

Mountwest 596 Limited

Mountwest 522 Limited

Newport Technical Services Ltd.

N.S.S. Licensed Grocers Ltd.

Object Innovation Limited

Ocram Limited

Olin Interactive Limited

Omaha Beach Limited

Omega Tau Limited

Orkney Book Festival

Oro Blanco Limited

Palmetto Bay Limited

Paragon Contracts Limited

Parallax Records Limited

Park Forest Limited

Park Rapids Limited

Parobex Limited

Perugia Limited

Pink Tiger Limited

Pintail Design & Marketing Limited

Ponciana Limited

Postremark Limited

Property Services Management Limited

Prospects (Rail) Limited

Psychological Business Services Ltd.

Puntarenas Limited

Pure Gallus PR Limited

Rayos De Luz Limited

Ready Blue Limited

RHS (Scotland) Limited Limited

RL Air Limited

Robert McCann Limited

RU Scotland Ltd.

Ryans Welding Services Limited

Salteck Ltd.

Sarobal Limited

Scan-Hi Graphics Limited

Scotdeck Ltd.

Scot-Fab (Manufacturing) Limited

SDL Maintenance Limited

Sefax Limited

Severn Internet Scotland Ltd

Shetland Cold Store Limited

Ship & Rig Projects Limited

Shique Beauty Limited

Sikeside Minimarket Limited

Silver Seraph Limited

Smail Engineers Limited

Smith & Paul Associates Limited

Springcroft Consulting Limited

Stardon (Bradford) Limited

Stardon (Portsmouth) Limited

Starfish Bay Limited

Stella Sales & Distribution Limited

Strathisle Limited

Stuart Drever Gardening Services Limited

Subisaros Limited

Subocean Contractors Limited

Sugar & Spice (FR) Ltd.

Superlative Scotland Ltd.

Swanstein Limited

SWS (Pan) Ltd.

Taberah Limited

Target Europe Limited

Technicure Limited Limited

3W Renovation Limited

THSG Limited

Tierra Viva Limited

Time GP Limited

Titanio Limited

Torrance Training Centre Limited

TOT Developments Limited

Towerfresh Limited

Transport Scotland Limited

Tres Truchas Limited

Turntables Limited

UAS Scotland Limited

U.K. Medical Staffing Ltd.

UK Mobile Ads Ltd.

Underfloor Heating Contracts Ltd.

Uribe Limited

Utopia Music Limited

Valdosta Services Limited

Van Horne (UK) Limited

Vivir Consultants Limited

Wardtoll Garden & Visitor Centre Limited

Wesly Tech Limited

Whatever Coffee Ltd.

White Deer Limited

Wickerman Records Ltd.

The Workplace Initiative

XN3 Networks Ltd.

YAAX Limited

Zaicka (Scotland) Limited

Jim Henderson, Registrar of Companies

Companies House, 37 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2EB.