Companies Removed from Register

2006-07-21Companies Act 1985COMPANIES ACT 1985TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Companies Removed from the Register


Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 652A of the Companies Act 1985, that at the end of three months from the date of the publication of this notice, the names of the Companies in the list below will, unless cause is shown to the contrary, be struck off the register and the Companies will be dissolved.

These Companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

Abernethy Engineering Limited

Abertay Travel Limited

AB4C Limited

Absign Ltd.

Absolute IT (Scotland) Limited

Abtext Consultants Limited

Accost Financial & Engineering Services Ltd.

Aftonlane Limited

Allure Lingerie Ltd

Alphabrook Limited

Anandale Investments Limited

Anderson Weir Consulting Limited

Antmeg 67 Limited

Apple Overseas (Scotland) Limited

A.R.E. Construction Limited

Ashbank (Retail) Limited

A Stevenson & Son (Window Cleaners) Ltd.

Atlas Mountain Crafts Ltd.

Ayrshire Taxis Ltd.

B.I.C. Homes Limited

Bitwyse Solutions Limited

Bluedeck Limited

Brightnoble Limited

Brooktex Limited

Bruce Motors (Aberdeen) Limited

Business Health Works Ltd

Campbells Coaches of Clydebank Limited

Capital Finish Limited

Cathay UK Distribution Limited

CE Bruce Decorators Ltd.

Chalkies Ltd

Cherub Designs Limited

C J S Fishing Ltd.

Clan Services Limited

Clear Blue Water Limited

Clifton Fishing Services Limited

Clydebank Secure Storage Limited

Clyde Valley Decorators Limited

CMF Catering Limited

Come UN Ltd.

Contract Payroll Company Ltd.

Cool Ceramics Limited

Coteach (11) Limited

Coteach (13) Limited

Craig Duncan Furniture Maker Limited

Cuff-Connection Ltd.

Date Time & Locus Limited

Dawn Hooper Property Company Limited

Der-Lis Hairdressing Salon Limited

DJC Engineering Limited

D’Monte Engineering Consultants Limited

Ecosse Drilling Limited

Eelco Engineering Limited

Energy for the Environment

Euro Intelligent Power Management Limited

Farseer Trading Limited

Finnie Wiseman Limited

Flooring Scotland Limited

FMG Projects Limited

4Life FM Limited

Fox Inns Limited

Freelance Euro Services (MDCXCI) Limited

Future Imperfect Films Limited

Geolife Ltd.

Goldmuir Limited

Gordon Quality Services Limited

Grampian Web Wizards Limited

Griffiths-Buchanan Enterprises Ltd

Grind Tec Limited

HEI Enterprises Ltd.

Hidden Oil Limited

Horsburgh Electrical Limited

Horse - Aholics Ltd.

Hydrodrill Limited

Hyperactive Records Limited

Ian Macintosh (Retail) Limited

Iroko Developments Ltd.

Isalex Limited

J A Robertson & Co (Fruiterers) Ltd.

JMCG Logistics Limited

JP Flooring Contractors Ltd.

JSV Leisure Limited

Kairua Limited

Kelvin Home Improvements Limited

Kilplaid Limited

Kingsley Computing Limited

Kinmoir Property Limited

Laptop Central Limited

Larene Limited

Launchlease Limited

Laypark Limited

L H Realisations Limited

Making Sense of Life Limited

Manor Nursing Home (U.K.) Ltd.

Manseview Limited

Mars Development (Edinburgh) Limited

Mastermainline Plant Ltd.

Matrix Monoblock & Landscaping Ltd.

Maxreves Importers Limited

Mearns Engineering Limited

Melting Point Restaurant Limited

Michael Gerrard Consultancy Limited

Middle East Partnership Ltd.

Mollywood Limited

Morrison Engineering Limited

Mothercat (Overseas) Limited

Mount Arnot Limited

MRM Consultants Limited

Murray Plastering Ltd.

Netpen Limited

Networks GB Limited

Nova NDT Limited

Numbergreat Limited

Ocean Fry Ltd.

Offshore Quality Control Limited

Pacific Shelf 1345 Limited

Pacific Shelf 339 Limited

Parys Snowdon Consultancy Services Limited

Peebles Marine Limited

Personal Injury Navigation System Limited

Pitliver Golf Academy Limited

The Plastic Card Company (Scotland) Limited

Premier Care (Lanarkshire) Ltd.

Rachel Clark Limited

Raeburn Consultancy Limited

Ramspur Ltd.

Rigpoint Limited

Rigtx Limited

Ruby Take Away Limited

Safety & Leisure Limited

SCO Recruitment Ltd.

Scottish Value Trust Limited

Sette Odori Ltd.

Shanester and Shanester Limited

Smartroom Solutions Limited

The Sound Mechanics Ltd.

Sourcehatch Limited

The Spice Box Limited

Steven Girvan Ltd.

St George’s Overseas Recruitment (Scotland and Northern Ireland) Limited

Still Computing Limited

Stirling Live Promotions Limited

Stuart Galtona Limited

Surface Temperature Systems Limited

Surfing Spider Limited

Talochin Limited

Tarbolton Pharmacy Ltd

Terminal Sciences Limited

Thistle Reports Limited

3 Click Limited

Tillsite Limited

Tollerton Hotels Limited

Tristar Training Services Limited

Tropicmoon Limited

2MCD Limited

Ultimate Athlete Limited

UNO Systems Limited

Webpen Limited

Web Solutions Development Limited

When Required Ltd

White Rain Limited

William Melville Limited

Wireless Digital Limited

XARA (RCFC) Limited

Y.M. Investments Limited

Yves Rolland (Produce from Paris) Limited

Zypid Limited

Jim Henderson, Registrar of Companies

Companies House, 37 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2EB.