Companies Removed from Register

2006-04-14Companies Act 1985COMPANIES ACT 1985TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Companies Removed from the Register


Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 652A(5) of the Companies Act 1985, that the names of the undermentioned Companies have been struck off the register. Such Companies are accordingly dissolved as from the date of publication of this notice. These Companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

The first notice of intended dissolution of these Companies was published at least 98 days ago.

Absolute Radio Scotland Limited

Accolade Security Services Ltd.

A C M Joiners Limited

Albadale Limited

Aldouran Glen Village

Alliance Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Anne Logie Limited

A.R. Innovations Ltd.

AR Multimedia Ltd

A Spirit of Independence Limited

Balgownie Sports (Shooting & Fishing) Limited

BDF Surgical Systems Limited

Best Start Limited

B.H.S. Trading Co. Ltd.

The Big E Design Company Limited

Biz Ivol Limited

Bluehawk Contracting (UK) Limited

Bridge of Earn Chinese Carryout Ltd.

B S & S (Scotland) Limited

B.S.M.G. Ltd.

C.A.L. Haulage & Storage Limited

Cannabis Foods Limited

Cannabis Whole Foods Limited

Carrondale Limited

Caylex (International) Limited

Central Cars (West Lothian) Ltd.

Chamgate Limited

Character (Kilmarnock) Limited

Chilliheads Limited

Colin Doran Limited

Community Audiology Care Limited

Community Care Group Limited

Conquer Financial Services Limited

Corfu Kebabs Limited

Cosgrove Properties Ltd.

Designer Estate Agents Limited

Docherty Wightman Associates Ltd.

DRG Subsea Services Limited

Dunwilco (1233) Limited

DV8 Clothing Ltd.

Dynasty Catering Co. Ltd.

East Coast Customs Limited

Electronic Ink Limited

Elite 4x4S Limited

European Youth Jazz Festival

Everglade Garden Centre Limited

Evex Limited

Famels Limited

Flygaric Tracks Limited

Food Resource Centre (Grampian) Limited

Foxconn UK Limited

Foxteq Logistics (UK) Limited

Franklin Engineering Services Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DCC) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DCCV) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DCCVI) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DCCXCIX) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DCLXXIX) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DCLXXXIII) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DCXIX) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DCXXVIII) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DLXXV) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DXL) Limited

Freelance Euro Services (DXXIX) Limited

Gadgets Incorporated Limited

Great Auk Limited

Hamilton & Steel Limited

Harbour House Hotels (Portpatrick) Ltd

Hardings (Scotland) Limited

Haven Assets Limited

Haven Finance Limited

Hiddleston Management Services Limited

H.M.K. (D.I.Y. Hire) Limited

Ian Earley Consultancy Services Limited

Inchway Limited

Isis Property Asset Management Holdings Limited

Isis Retail Management Limited

Isis Support Business Services Limited

J.F.S. Engineering Services Limited

John Fraser Services Limited

K. & M. Technical Services Limited

Keyword Solutions Limited

Kiddies’ Playtime Limited

Leapfrog Graphics Limited

Loganberry (No.2) Limited

MacLennan’s Potatoes Limited

Mapleridge Care Services Limited

Maxwell Davidson Limited

McLaren Community Leisure Centre Limited

Mobile Text 4U Limited

Morrison Property Aberdeen Limited

Motion Imports Ltd.

MRM Investments Limited

M T (Auchterarder) Properties Limited

NA Scotland Limited

Oakchoice KGH Limited

Office Racks and Enclosures Limited

Parsons Peebles (Generators) Limited

P. Boyes (Contracts) Limited

Portsoy Salmon House Trust

Ralston Design Limited

R.A.M. Design Consultants Limited

R & D Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Rejive Interactive Limited

R M Systems Programming Limited

Ronnie Cowan Solutions Ltd.

Rosewell Limited

Rossco Electrical Limited

Roxburgh Construction Limited

Scandic Excavation Systems Ltd

Seed and Read Limited

Sihander Enterprises Limited

Silver Birch Partnership Ltd

Silvertay Limited

Skyair Limited

Spean Development Co. Ltd.

Starcliff Limited

Strathtower Limited

Struan Fife Limited

Sysventure Limited

Tarlair Venture Limited

Tayside Timber (Forfar) Limited

Technology Services Scotland Ltd.

Tessman Consulting Limited

Tessman Holdings Limited

Townhead Nursery Developments Ltd

Treasure Warehouse Limited

The Woodscrew Company Limited

World Events Limited

WS Borland (Slater) Limited

XL Colour Ltd

Zxit Limited

Jim Henderson, Registrar of Companies

Companies House, 37 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2EB.