Companies Restored to the Register

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Companies Restored to the Register


Notice is hereby given that on 20 January 2005, a Petition was presented to the Sheriff of Glasgow and Strathkelvin by Santokh Singh Jandu, Director of Ravi’s Limited, (registered office 4 Aster Gardens, Glasgow G53 7XG), to be restored to the Registrar of Companies in which Petition the Sheriff at Glasgow by deliverance dated 25 January 2005, appointed that a Copy of the Petition be published on the Walls of Court and like copies be served upon the Registrar of Companies and the Advocate General for Scotland and further ordained that the Deliverance be advertised in The Edinburgh Gazette and The Herald Newspapers and appoints any person interested, if they intend to show cause why the Petition should not be granted, to lodge Answers thereto with the Sheriff Clerk at the Sheriff Court Glasgow and Strathkelvin, 1 Carlton Place, Glasgow G5 9DA, within 8 days of such intimation, publication, service or advertisement, under certification.

All of which notice is hereby given.

Santokh Singh Jandu, Director

30 Harper Close, Chafford Hundred, Essex RM16 6DA.