Companies Removed from Register

Companies Act 19852003-03-28TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,
Companies Act 1985

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 652A(5) of The Companies Act 1985, that the names of the undermentioned companies have been struck off the register. Such companies are accordingly dissolved as from the date of publication of this notice. These companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

The first notice of intended dissolution of these companies was published at least 98 days ago.

   Acsys (Computer Services) Limited

   Aileen ‘N’ Derek Ltd

   Airweb Controls Limited

   Ardle Equipment Consultants Limited

   Arthur Duthie Organisation Limited (The)

   Boatclass Limited

   Caesars (No. 934) Limited

   Camvo 62 Limited

   Casford Construction Limited

   Castlelaw (No. 393) Limited

   Christensen & Svensen Limited

   Christensen & Svensen (Holdings) Ltd

   C.I.A. Security & Investigations Limited

   Clearcut Services Limited

   Compensation Claims Scotland Limited

   David J. Pullinger Limited

   DCM-Carlaw (Scotland) Ltd

   E.K. Financial Services Limited

   Flexible HR Solutions Limited

   Galloway International 51 Limited

   G. & J. Booth (Ednie)

   Graham Metals (Glasgow) Limited

   Growdream Limited

   Hainey Contracts Limited

   Hazybox Limited

   Holyrood View Developments Limited

   Integrated Well Services Limited

   International Trading (Scotland) Limited

   J1 Limited

   J. Rynn (LRC) Limited

   Kensteel Structures Limited

   Kerrine Instrumentation Services Limited

   Kimpton Computing Solutions Limited

   Kirkgate-Taylor Limited

   La Gavotte Limited

   Little Silver Software Limited

   Logic Systems Fire & Security Limited

   Login Computing Limited

   Lucina Optics Limited

   Macrocom (713) Limited

   Macrocom (712) Limited

   Malone Offshore Design Services Limited

   Masba Limited

   Medical Forms and Labels (UK) Limited

   Melford Developments (Lanark Road) Limited

   MRL (Dundas) Limited

   NCN.Net Limited

   Newbrook Limited

   Office Options Limited

   Ogilvie Actuarial Limited

   Oilspec Ltd

   Orbdeck Limited

   Overlake Limited

   Padstack Limited

   Peter Communications Limited

   Pictus Technology Limited

   QBM Limited

   Quality Network Systems Limited

   R & R Design Engineers Limited

   Scotpub (Holdings) Limited

   Scotpub (Wholesale) Limited

   Scot-Tec Ltd

   Scottish Borders Inpartnership Limited

   Serious Speed Limited

   S.F.R. (Scotland) Limited

   Shelfix Design Limited

   Silver Door Limited

   Simmons Controls Limited

   Spinningdale Estates Co.

   Synaptech Solutions Limited

   Taher Polverino Ltd

   Tayside Insurance Brokers Limited

   Technical Wonders Limited

   Techscope Limited

   Thistle Air Conditioning & Mechanical Services Limited

   Thorren Limited

   3can Ltd

   Top Hat Balloons Decor Limited

   Treasurebunker.Com Limited

   Unitech Solutions Limited

   Urban Site Limited

   Valve Solutions (Europe) Limited

   Woopies Limited

   Xluk Training Ltd

Companies House  Jim Henderson

37 Castle Terrace Registrar of Companies

Edinburgh EH1 2EB

28th March 2003