Notices to Creditors

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Notices to Creditors

James H. Hay Limited

(In Liquidation)

Company Number: SC182061

Notice to the Creditors of James H. Hay Limited

On 13th March 2003 the company was placed into member’s voluntary liquidation and W David Robb was appointed liquidator by the members.

The Liquidator gives notice that the creditors of the company must send details, in writing, of any claim against the company to the liquidator, at Scott House, 12/16 South Frederick Street, Glasgow, G1 1HJ by 30th September 2003 as this is the last day for proving claims. The liquidator also gives notice that he will make a final distribution to creditors and that a creditor who does not make a claim by the date mentioned will not be included in any distribution.

The company is able to pay all its known debts in full.

W David Robb, Liquidator

13th March 2003