Town and Country Planning

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Perth & Kinross Council

Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Acts

The following applications have been submitted to Perth and Kinross Council. The plans may be inspected at the Planning and Development Reception, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth and/or the undernoted office within the number of days specified from this date. Any representations should be made in writing addressed to The Director of Planning and Development Services, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth PH1 5GD, within the period specified below.

Reason for advert Application
and period for response
Listed Building Consent 03/00231/PPLB
Housing Services, Alterations and extension to house
46 Leslie Street. Blairgowrie at West Lodge, Belmont, Meigle,
(21 days) Blairgowrie, Perthshire PH12 8TF
for Transformation Property
Development Ltd
Listed Building Consent 03/00253/PPLB
(21 days) Change of use and alterations from
club rooms to shop (Class 1 use)
(Note: Readvertisement with
Amended Description)
at 6 North Port, Perth PH1 5LU
for E Cowan
Listed Building Consent and 03/00287/PPLB
Section 34 Development Installation of kitchen extractor
Housing Services, flue and formation of internal
46 Leslie Street, Blairgowrie doorway
(21 days) at Meikleour Hotel, Meikleour,
Perth PH2 6EB
for Old Engand Inns Ltd
Listed Building Consent and 03/00352/ADL
Development Affecting the Replace existing signage to
Character or Appearance comply with new corporate identity
of a Conservation Area at 2 High Street, Kinross
Housing Services, KY13 8AW
21/25 High Street, Kinross for Bank of Scotland Halifax
(21 days)