Companies Removed from Register

Companies Act 19852003-03-07TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,
Companies Act 1985

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 652A of The Companies Act 1985, that at the end of three months from the date of the publication of this notice, the names of the companies in the list below will, unless cause is shown to the contrary, be struck off the register and the companies will be dissolved.

These companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

   Abell Surveys Limited

   Abercorn Financial Services Limited

   Acorn Investments (Edinburgh) Limited

   Acrequest Limited

   Allied London Granite House Limited

   Aviation Logistics Consultancy Limited

   A Ward (Consultancy) Limited

   BA/CA Properties Ltd

   Bainton Limited

   Barclays Engineering Services Limited

   Betyou Limited

   Bishop’s Bridge Fish Farm Limited

   Black-Hack Limited

   BLP 2002-25 Limited

   Boniface (Scotland) Limited

   Cameo of Edinburgh Limited

   Campsie Kids Ltd

   Casamia Developments Limited

   Castlelaw (No. 412) Limited

   Charles Irvine & Sons (Jedburgh) Limited

   The Climbing Shop.Com Limited

   Construction Ecosse Limited

   Craig Barr Ltd

   Crailcraft Limited

   D & M Pretswell Ltd

   Darroch & Allan (Builders) Ltd

   Davel Developments Limited

   Derrick Hastie Software Consultancy Limited

   Dockers Locker Limited

   D.o.o.r. Subsea and Engineering Limited

   Downtown Data Limited

   Dunscore Homes Limited

   The Eating Habit Limited

   Eurofoods Direct (UK) Limited

   Expert Book-Keeping Limited

   Freelance 2000 Limited

   GEL Well Services Ltd

   GNS Investments Limited

   Grier Event Management Limited

   Grove End Properties (Scotland) Limited

   Gumps Limited

   Handy Packaging Ltd

   Happy Valet Limited

   H B Energy Limited

   H N Clothing Limited

   Home In Limited

   Hunter Browning Limited

   Ice Monkey Limited

   India Scotland Limited

   I T Choice Limited

   Jabbernethy Programming Ltd

   James Irving Electrical Limited

   James McCarron Motors Limited

   J B Entertainments Limited

   J K Decorators Ltd

   Johlmac Limited

   John Lindsay and Son (Decorators) Limited

   The Jolly Juice Company Limited

   Joss Consulting Limited

   Kirklaw Limited

   Level One (UK) Limited

   LOI Cuisine Ltd

   Lowland Computing Limited

   MacDonalds Leasing Limited

   Macquid Limited

   Macrocom (691) Limited

   Marketing and Information Services Limited

   Melven’s Bookshop Limited

   Middlepenny Hot Water Systems Ltd

   Milroy & Strachan (Plumbers) Limited

   Mitresys Limited

   MLG Consulting Limited

   Moneywiz Limited

   Northern Tobacco Limited

   NXYS.Co.Uk Limited

   Osprey Water Limited

   Paper Pack Limited

   Parry-Tek Limited

   Portaccom (Scotland) Limited

   Primavera (Scotland) Limited

   Professional Marketing and Journalism Ltd

   RBT Properties Limited

   RMC Management Services Limited

   Rocotillo Limited

   Ross Malcolm Limited

   Rowanbank Holdings Limited

   Safety Direct (Scotland) Ltd

   S & C Leisure Ltd

   Scottish Bionetwork Association

   Sedia (UK) Ltd

   Shelfco JBV Limited

   SJW Computer Services Limited

   Skened (2572) Limited

   Skyro Software Limited

   Speedcrete Concrete Equipment Limited

   Springfield Design Limited

   Standfast Development Group Limited

   Steven Flockhart

   Stoneymeadow Engineering Llmited

   Street Wise Limited

   Sunbright Limited

   Swing Easy Limited

   Texview Limited

   Today Technologies Limited

   Torken Technology Limited

   UK Forestry Accord Partnership

   Virtua Group Limited

   Watson-Castle Developments Limited

   White Oil Consultants Limited

   Wildtrack Productions Limited

   XNL-Interactive Ltd

   Zak Computing Limited

   Zinga (UK) Ltd

Companies House  Jim Henderson

37 Castle Terrace Registrar of Companies

Edinburgh EH1 2EB

7th March 2003