Companies Removed from Register

2009-02-20TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment


Notice is hereby given pursuant to Article 603 (5) of the Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 1986, that the names of the undermentioned companies have this day been struck-off the register and the companies are hereby dissolved.

AMJ Properties (NI) Ltd

Armwell Engineering Limited

Association of North Down and Ards Community Hospitals

Autovation Limited

Baby Doll (NI) Ltd

Banbury Services Limited

Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men Ltd

Biz-Sense Limited

Blu Eye Productions Limited

Bob Mullan Properties (NI) Ltd

Burginhall Properties Ltd

Calidore Limited

Careerwindows Limited

Consign Homes Limited

D Morgan Cars Ltd

Dalmore Services Limited

Downshire Property Investments Ltd

Drumvale Ltd

Eastfield Consultancy Services Limited

Emerging Properties Ltd

Engineering Patterns & Moulds Limited

Fairfield Distribution Management Limited

Fairmont Trading Limited

Fairview Ballycastle Management Company Limited

Foyle Electric Land Limited

FSP Alarms Limited

Glackin Electrical (UK) Limited

Hainton Limited


Islandhill Properties Limited

JFF Consultancy Ltd

Kevin Barry Limited

Kitchen Watt & Skelly Limited

L. Hall (Enniskillen) Limited

Lex Marketing Co. Ltd

Longsing Limited

Lynn Polska Limited

M H Cuisine Limited

McElroy Homes Ltd

McKay Plumbing & Heating Limited

Mid-Ulster Proteins Limited

New York Network Management (Ireland) Limited

Norglen Developments Limited

O D Construction Ltd

Oaks Furniture & Interiors Ltd - The

Ovation Entertainment Ltd

Peter Morgan Construction Limited

Positive Ethos Trust Limited - The

R. K. Stevenson Investments Limited

Stone Lodge Publications Limited

Strandview Construction Company Limited

The Northern Ireland Hairdresser’s Federation

The Sunbed Hire Centre Limited

Top Quality Suppliers Limited

Triskele Community Training & Development Limited

W J Training Ltd

Waydan Properties Limited

Weaver Books Limited

Work Direct Limited

Geraldine Gough, for the Registrar of Companies for Northern Ireland