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Spence & Partners Ltd

The Robert HogG & Company Limited Retirement Benefits Plan (“the Plan’’)

Notice is hereby given that the Trustee of the above Plan intends to wind-up the Plan and distribute its assets. Any person who believes they have benefits in the Plan and has not already been contacted by Spence & Partners Limited (the Trustee) is required to send details to the Trustee (including full name, date of birth, current address and National Insurance Number) by 13 April 2009. This letter should be addressed to Spence & Partners Limited, 22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7BA, marked for the attention of Scott Murdoch.

After this date, the Trustee of the Plan will proceed to finalise the winding-up of the Plan, and will distribute the remaining trust funds to those with an entitlement, having regard only to the claims of which the Trustee has had written notice and shall not be liable to any person of whose claim the Trustee has not had written notice at the time of distribution. If you already in receipt of a pension from the Plan or have previously received correspondence from the Trustee in connection with your benefits from the Plan, you may disregard this notice.