Bankers (NI) Acts

2006-04-052006-01-282006-04-28TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

AN ACCOUNT pursuant to the Bankers (Northern Ireland) Acts, 1845 and 1928, the Currency and Bank Notes Act, 1928, and the Coinage Act,1971 of the Amount of Notes authorised by Law to be issued by the several Banks of Issue in Northern Ireland, and the Average Amount of Notes in Circulation, and of Bank of England Notes and Coin held during the Four Weeks ended Saturday, 28 January 2006


Average Circulation Average amount of Bank of
Circulation during 4 weeks England Notes and Coin held
authorised ended as above during 4 weeks as above
Name and Title Name of Approved by the
as set forth Firm Offices Bankers
Licence (Northern *Gold and Coin
Ireland) Bank of other
Act, 1928 £5 and Under £5 Total England than Total
Upwards Notes Gold
The Bank of Ireland The Governor £ £ £ £ £ £ £
and Company (Belfast)
of the Bank (Londonderry) † 793,660 564,743,208 278,105 565,021,313 563,737,570 11,726,671 575,464,242
of Ireland
First Trust AIB Group (Belfast)
Bank (UK) PLC, (Londonderry) † 302,448 305,238,000 0 305,238,000 312,775,825 3,646,461 316,422,286
T/A First Trust
The Northern The Northern (Belfast)
Bank Limited Bank Limited (Londonderry) 594,000 235,052,272 444,248 235,496,520 240,775,937 2,048,971 242,824,907
The Ulster The Ulster
Bank Limited Bank Limited (Belfast) 321,274 358,948,106 79,963 359,025,069 377,276,320 4,277,476 381,553,796
The National The National (Belfast)
Bank Limited Bank Limited (Londonderry) 120,000 41,835 19,672 61,507 65,000 0 65,000

I hereby certify that each of the bankers named in the above Return, who have in circulation an amount of Notes beyond that that authorised by the Bankers (Northern Ireland) Act, 1928, have held an amount of Bank of England Notes and Gold Coin not less than that which they are required by the Treasury to hold during the period to which this Return relates.

Dated: 5th day of April 2006.

for the Register of Bank Returns.
These amounts are the latest amounts approved by the Treasury.
* This column includes Bank of England Notes deposited at the Bank of England which, by virtue of Section 9(1) of the Currency and Bank Notes Act, 1928, are to be treated as gold coin held by the Bank.