Statement by General Partner

LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS ACT 1907Limited Partnerships Act 1907Limited Partnerships Act 1907, s. 102022-05-262022-06-23TSO (The Stationery Office),


Pursuant to section 10 of the Limited Partnerships Act 1907 NOTICE is hereby given that, effective as of:

26 May 2022 Pericles Mazarakis transferred the whole of their interests in TriSpan RS RT LP represented by a capital contribution of GBP 0.85 to Pericles Mazarakis acting in his capacity as investment trustee of Golden Age (PM) Trust and subsequently ceased to be a limited partner in TriSpan RS RT LP.

Dated 26 May 2022

Daniel Tostevin

for and on behalf of TriSpan RS RT GP LLP acting in its capacity as general partner of TriSpan RS RT LP