Notices to Creditors

St. AlbansCamdenAL1 5JN51.749038-0.316819NW3 2YJ51.54814-0.159171INSOLVENCY ACT 1986the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 20162021-09-142021-09-162021-10-12TSO (The Stationery Office),



(Company Number 06209213 )

Registered office: (Former): Flat 7, 1 Parkhill Road, Camden, London NW3 2YJ

Principal trading address: (Former): Flat 7, 1 Parkhill Road, Camden, London NW3 2YJ


Nature of Business: Business and domestic software development.

Date by which proofs must be delivered: 12 October 2021.

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Rule 14.28 of the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016, that the liquidator of FRASER SOFTWARE Limited ("the Company") (in members` voluntary liquidation) intends to make final distributions to creditors. Creditors are required to prove their debts on or before the date by which proofs must be delivered by sending full details of their claims to the liquidator. Creditors must also, if so requested by the liquidator, provide such further details and documentary evidence to support their claims as the liquidator deems necessary.

The intended distributions are final distributions and may be made without regard to the claim of any person in respect of a debt not proved by the date by which proofs must be delivered. Any creditor who has not delivered their proof by that date, or who increases the claim in their proof after that date, will not be entitled to disturb the intended final distributions. The liquidator intends that, after paying or providing for final distributions in respect of creditors who have proved their claims, all assets remaining in the liquidator`s hands following the final distributions to creditors shall be distributed to the shareholders of the Company absolutely.

The director has made a statutory declaration that the Company is able to pay all its known liabilities in full with interest at the official rate.

Date of Appointment: 14 September 2021

Place to which proofs must be delivered: Liquidator`s Name and Address: Phillip Anthony Roberts (IP No. 6055) of Sterling Ford, Centurion Court, 83 Camp Road, St Albans, Herts AL1 5JN. Telephone: 01727 811 161.

Liquidator: Phillip Anthony Roberts (IP number 6055) of STERLING FORD, CENTURION COURT 83 CAMP ROAD, ST ALBANS HERTS AL1 5JN.

Date of Appointment: 14 September 2021

For further details on 01727 811 161 or at