Notice of Dividends

MertonLambethSM4 4LU51.385203-0.224613SW16 5RU51.420073-0.129515Insolvency Act 19861974-08-172017-11-162021-09-132021-09-15TSO (The Stationery Office),

Notice to Creditors of Intention to Declare a Dividend

In the County Court at Croydon

No 139 of 2017

Mohammed Asif Tufail

Also known as: Mohammed Asif Tufail

(In Bankruptcy) ("the Bankrupt")

Debtors Address: 17 Westwell Road, Streatham, London, SW16 5RU

Birth details: 17 August 1974

Occupation - Off Licence

and In the Matter of The Insolvency Act 1986

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the trustee, Mansoor Mubarik of Capital Books (UK) Limited, 190 Garth Road, Morden, SM4 4LU of, pursuant to Rule 14.29 of the Insolvency (England & Wales) Rules 2016 that I intend to declare a final dividend to the creditors of the Bankrupt within 2 months of the last date for proving set out below.

The creditors of the Bankrupt are required, on or before 06 October 2021 ("the last date for proving"), to prove their debts by sending to the undersigned, Mansoor Mubarik , of Capital Books (UK) Limited, 190 Garth Road, Morden, SM4 4LU the trustee of the bankruptcy estate, written statements of the amounts they claim to be due to them from the Bankrupt and, if so requested, to provide such further details or produce such documentary evidence as may appear to the trustee to be necessary.

A creditor who has not proved this debt before the declaration of any dividend is not entitled to disturb, by reason that he has not participated in it, the distribution of that dividend or any other dividend declared before his debt was proved.

Name of Trustee: Mansoor Mubarik , Trustee in Bankruptcy, IP Number 009667

Address of Trustee: 190 Garth Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4LU

Date of Appointment – 16 November 2017

Appointed By: The Secretary of State

Contact Name: Hassan Kaleem

- Telephone – 01622 754927 ; Email – .

Dated 13 September 2021