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Date: 18 June 2021

Pursuant to Section 22 Stamp Duties Management Act 1891, the Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs (“Commissioners”) hereby give notice that they have determined to discontinue the use of all physical stamp dies in respect of stamp duty with effect from 19 July 2021. This affects all transfers and instruments that stamp duty arises in connection with, or is payable on, for example:

• instruments transferring stock and marketable securities;

• instruments transferring interests in partnerships that hold stock or marketable securities;

• instruments transferring land, where the instrument was executed before 1 December 2003 and has not previously been duly stamped;

• the transfer of bearer instruments; and

• the transfer of land, where the contract to transfer the land was entered into on or before 10 July 2003.

The Commissioners also give notice, pursuant to the same provision, that they have provided a new electronic procedure, introduced on 25 March 2020, to be used instead of the dies that are to be discontinued.

Accordingly, from 19 July 2021 the instruments affected by this notice shall only be duly stamped by a lawful die where stamp duty has been paid and notified to the Commissioners in accordance with the electronic procedure. The Commissioners will confirm by letter that the instrument has been duly stamped.

Further detail on this procedure may be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/stamp-duty-on-shares.

If an instrument is rendered useless because of the discontinuance of physical stamp dies provided for in this notice, a request can be made to the Commissioners at any time within 6 months after 19 July 2021 that the instrument instead be treated as duly stamped under the electronic procedure. This request should be made by email using the email address: stampdutymailbox@hmrc.gov.uk

Commissioners for HM Revenue & Customs

Neil Parkes, Officer of Revenue & Customs