Crown Office

2020-01-272020-02-072020-02-102020-02-14TSO (The Stationery Office),


Pursuant to Warrant dated 27 January 2020, the Lord Chief Justice this day called the undernamed ladies and gentlemen to the Inner Bar of Northern Ireland.

Ms T Kitson

Mr J M Power

Mr I C McAteer

Mr G P McHugh

Ms S L Ramsey

Mr A B G Brady

Mr A W G Colmer

Ms M Connolly

Mr P C McLaughlin

Mr D P Sayers

Mr R D Dunlop

Ms J Hannigan

Mr D M D Hutton

Mr D T Lunny

Mr C J Aiken

Mr P D Fahy

Mr C M Robinson

Mr D R K Sharpe

Mr G C Dunford

Mr A M Magee

Mr C Maguire

Mr R J Coghlin

Mr W T Gowdy

Mr S C Magee

Mr I S Skelt

7 February 2020