Environmental Protection

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The Highland Council





An application has been made to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) by The Highland Council for authorisation to carry on controlled activities at, near or in connection with Torvean Weir in the River Ness, Inverness, namely:

Description of controlled activities Waters affected National grid reference
Construction and/or operation of impounding works 1. 7m in height River Ness NH 65395 43270
Abstraction of 884,736 m3 per day of water River Ness NH 65395 43270
Return of abstracted water approximately 20m away from abstraction point River Ness NH 65400 43255
Removal of existing Whin Park Lade intake smolt screen and flow control structure River Ness NH 65310 43270

SEPA considers that the above controlled activities may have a significant adverse impact on the water environment and on the interests of other users of the water environment.

A copy of the application and any accompanying information may be inspected free of charge, at the SEPA Registry below, between 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Monday to Friday (except local and national holidays). Alternatively, the application may be viewed on SEPA's website at: http://www.sepa.org.uklregulations/consultationsladvertised-applications-under-car/

Any person affected or likely to be affected by, or having an interest in, the application may make representations to SEPA in writing within 28 days beginning with the date of this advertisement, either by email to registrydingwall@sepa.org.uk or to the following address, quoting reference number CAR/1/1173413:

Registry Department, SEPA, Dingwall office, Graesser House, Fodderty Way, Dingwall, IV15 9XB

Written representations received by SEPA within 28 days of this advertisement will be taken into consideration in determining the application. Any such representations will be placed in a public register unless the person making them requests that they should not be. Where such a request is made SEPA will include a statement in the register indicating that representations have been made which have been the subject of such a request.

Before determining the application, SEPA will:

• assess the risk to the water environment posed by the carrying on of the activity or activities;

• assess the indirect effects of that impact on any other aspects of the environment likely to be significantly affected;

• consider any likely adverse social and economic effects of that impact and of any indirect environmental effects that have been identified;

• consider the likely environmental, social and economic benefits of the activity;

• assess the impact of the controlled activity or activities on the interests of other users of the water environment;

• assess what steps may be taken to ensure efficient and sustainable water use'; and

• apply and have regard to relevant legislation.

SEPA will then either grant or refuse to grant the application."