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The form CB01 relating to a cross-border merger, was received by Companies House on: 8th January 2018

The particulars for each merging company are as follows:

Anselm Bauer Investments Limited

69 Great Hampton Street


B18 6EW

Great Britain

Legal Person (Private Limited Company) incorporated under the laws of England and Wales Registered number 06663811

Registered in England and Wales at Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ

Anselm Bauer Invest GmbH

1 Zisthof




Legal Person (GmbH - Private Limited Company under German Law) under the the laws of Germany

Registered number HRB230392

Registered in Germany at AG Muenchen, Infanteriestrasse 5, 80325 Muenchen, Germany

Information relating to Anselm Bauer Investments Limited is available from Companies House, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ

Regulation 10 of The Companies (Cross-Border Mergers) Regulations 2007 requires copies of the draft terms of merger, the directors’ report and (if there is one) the independent expert’s report to be kept available for inspection.

Louise Smyth

Registrar of Companies for England and Wales