Town and Country Planning

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Aberdeen City Council


The applications listed below together with the plans, drawings and other documents submitted with them may be examined at Business Hub 4, Ground Floor North, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday or online by entering the reference number at

Written comments may be submitted to the Head of Planning and Sustainable Development at the same postal address or online via the above website link. Representations must be received within the time period specified under each of the categories and the reference number of the application quoted in all correspondence. Subject to personal data being removed, representations will be open to public inspection by interested parties on request. (Would Community Councils, conservation groups and societies, applicants and members of the public please note that Aberdeen City Council as planning authority intent to accept only those representations which have been received within the above periods as prescribed in terms of planning legislation. Letters of representations will be open to public view, in whole and in summary according to the usual practice of this authority).

Title of Signatory: Eric Owens, Head of Planning and Sustainable Development (interim)

Date of Signature: Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Where plans can be inspected: NOT ENTERED


Proposal/Reference: 171537/LBC

Address of Proposal: 81-85 Union Street, Aberdeen AB11 6BD

Name and Address of Applicant: Rockspring Hanover Property Trust (RHPUT)

Description of Proposal: Extension to link building to Aberdeen Market building at first floor level and internal alterations

Proposal/Reference: 180004/LBC

Address of Proposal: Greyfriars Church, Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1AP

Name and Address of Applicant: GI Group Plc

Description of Proposal: Demolition of stair annexe to north elevation, construction of new stair extension and rear dormer, installation of platform lift, cleaning of stone facades and internal alterations

Proposal/Reference: 180001/LBC

Address of Proposal: 17 Golden Square, Aberdeen AB10 1RH

Name and Address of Applicant: Miss Eileen Buchan

Description of Proposal: Replacement door to fron

Proposal/Reference: 171473/LBC

Address of Proposal: Building Adjacent to 20/21a Springbank Street, Aberdeen AB11 6LU

Name and Address of Applicant: WFM 1983 Ltd

Description of Proposal: Alterations to windows and doors on the principal elevation and associated internal alterations to allow conversion to flatted dwelling

Proposal/Reference: 171541/LBC

Address of Proposal: Crown House, 27-29 Crown Street, Aberdeen AB11 6HA

Name and Address of Applicant: Garioch Developments Ltd

Description of Proposal: Conversion of existing building into 12 flats and 2 restaurant/cafe units on ground floor including internal alterations and installation of secondary timber glazing

Proposal/Reference: 171515/LBC

Address of Proposal: 9 Marine Terrace, Aberdeen AB11 7SF

Name and Address of Applicant: Mr & Mrs John Morrison

Description of Proposal: Alterations to existing coach house to provide garaging for 2 cars, erection of single storey extension to rear and removal of existing access door and replacement with garage door

Proposal/Reference: 171549/LBC

Address of Proposal: 2 Queen's Garden's Aberdeen AB15 4YD

Name and Address of Applicant: Esson Properties Ltd

Description of Proposal: Internal alterations including formation of slappings, new door openings and additional welfare facilities