Notices to Creditors

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(Company Number 00885650)

Previous Name of Company: Pura Foods Limited (until 28/09/1987), Acatos & Hutcheson Investments Limited (until 13/04/1983), P.L. Group (Foods) Limited (until 31/12/1980), Pure Lard Limited (until 31/12/1978)


(Company Number 00258593)

Previous Name of Company: Pura Foods Limited (until 28/04/2000), Pura Foods (London) Limited (until 28/09/1987), P.L. Group (Foods) Limited (until 04/10/1985), Pure Lard Limited (until 31/12/1980), Edible Oil Products (Northern) Limited (until 31/12/1978)

Registered office: ADM International Offices, Church Manorway, Erith, Kent DA8 1DL

Principal trading address: ADM International Offices, Church Manorway, Erith, Kent DA8 1DL

(both in Members' Voluntary Liquidation)

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Rule 14.28 of the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016, that the Joint Liquidators of the Companies intend to declare a distribution to the creditors of the Companies within two months of 12 February 2018.

Creditors who have not yet done so must prove their debts by sending their full names and addresses, particulars of their debts and the names and addresses of their solicitors (if any) to the Joint Liquidators at KPMG Restructuring, One Snowhill, Snow Hill Queensway, Birmingham B4 6GH by no later than 12 February 2018 (the last date for proving).

The intended distribution is a sole distribution and may be made without regard to the claim of any person in respect of a debt not proved by 12 February 2018. Any creditor who has not proved his debt by that date, or who increases the debt in his proof after that date, will not be entitled to disturb the intended sole distribution. The Joint Liquidators intend that, after paying or providing for a sole distribution in respect of creditors who have proved their debts, all funds remaining in the Joint Liquidators' hands following the sole distribution to creditors shall be distributed to the shareholders of the Companies absolutely.

The Companies are able to pay all their known liabilities in full.

Office Holder Details: Mark Jeremy Orton (IP number 8846) of KPMG LLP, One Snowhill, Snow Hill Queensway, Birmingham B4 6GH and John David Thomas Milsom (IP number 9241) of KPMG LLP, 15 Canada Square, London E14 5GL. Date of Appointment: 29 December 2017. Further information about these cases is available from Sam Henderson at the offices of KPMG LLP on 0121 609 5874 or at

Mark Jeremy Orton , Joint Liquidator