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(Company Number 09396458)

Registered office: Suite C1, Conway House, Ackhurst Business Park, Chorley, PR7 1NY

Principal trading address: Suite C1, Conway House, Ackhurst Business Park, Chorley, PR7 1NY

This Notice is given under Rule 6.14 and 15.8 of the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016 ("the Rules'). It is delivered by Dorigen Sykes, director of the Company, c/o Andrew David Rosler, of Ideal Corporate Solutions Limited, Lancaster House, 171 Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4QZ (telephone number 01204 66 3000).

It is proposed that the following decisions be made: 1. The creditors confirmed the nomination of the liquidators appointed by the members and accordingly, Andrew David Rosler remains as liquidator of the company. 2. That a Liquidation Committee will be established. However, in the event that no committee is established creditors are asked to vote on the following decisions: The approval of the fee for preparing the statement of affairs and for convening the procedure to seek a decision from creditors on the nomination of a liquidator. 3. The basis of the Liquidator fees. 4. The approval of the Liquidator Category 2 disbursements. A resolution to wind up the company is to be considered by shareholders on 3 January 2018.

The proposed liquidator who is qualified to act as an Insolvency Practitioner is: Andrew David Rosler (IP No. 9151) of Ideal Corporate Solutions Limited, Lancaster House, 171 Chorley New Road, Bolton BL1 4QZ

On the two business days falling next before the decision date, a list of the names and addresses of the company's creditors will be available for inspection free of charge at Lancaster House, 171 Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4QZ.

If SOA is not sent with this notice this statement must be in the notice.

The directors, before the decision date and before the end of the period of seven days beginning with the day after the day on which the company passed a resolution for winding up, are required by section 99 of the Insolvency Act 1986 - (i) to make out a statement in the prescribed form as to the affairs of the company, and (ii) send the statement to the company's creditors.

The virtual meeting will be held as follows: 11.00 am on 17 January 2018 at Lancaster House, 171 Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4QZ. Please contact the Liquidator (details below) to receive instructions on how to access the virtual meeting, which will be held via an online conferencing platform. This virtual meeting will be recorded audio in order to establish and maintain records of the existence of relevant facts or decisions that are taken at the meeting. By attending this meeting, you consent to being recorded. Where any recording of the meeting also entails the processing of personal data, such personal data shall be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The virtual meeting may be suspended or adjourned by the chair of the meeting (and must be adjourned if it is so resolved at the meeting).

Also provided is a proxy form to enable creditors to appoint a proxy-holder to attend on their behalf (note: any creditor who is not an individual must appoint a proxy-holder, if they wish to attend or be represented at the meeting). All proxy forms, together with a proof of debt if one has not already been submitted, must be completed and returned by one of the methods set out below: By post to: Lancaster House, 171 Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4QZ. By fax to: 01204 66 3030. By email to: Please note that, if you are sending forms by post, you must ensure that you have allowed sufficient time for the forms to be delivered to the address above by the times set out below. Unless the contrary is shown, an email is treated as delivered at 9am on the next business day after it was sent.

All proofs of debt must be delivered by: 4pm on 16 January 2018. All proxy forms must be delivered to the convener or chair before they may be used at the meeting fixed for 17 January 2018 at 11.00am.

If your proof of debt has not been received by the time specified above (whether submitted previously or as a result of this Notice), that creditor's vote will be disregarded. Any creditor whose debt is treated as a small debt in accordance with Rule 14.31(1) of the Rules must still deliver a proof if the creditor wishes to vote. A creditor who has opted out from receiving notices may nevertheless vote if the creditor also provides a proof by the time set out above. Creditors who meet one or more of the statutory thresholds listed below may, between the delivery of this notice and the Decision Date, require a physical meeting to be held to consider the matters detailed above.

Statutory thresholds to request a meeting: 10% in value of the creditors, 10% in number of the creditors, 10 creditors. If the Threshold is met, the decision procedure will terminate without a virtual meeting being held and a physical meeting shall be convened.

Creditors who have taken all steps necessary to attend the virtual meeting under the arrangements made by the convener, but that do not enable them to attend the whole or part of the meeting, may complain under Rule 15.38 of the Rules. A complaint must be made as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event no later than 4pm on the business day following the day on which the person was, or appeared to be, excluded; or where an indication is sought under Rule 15.37, the day on which the complainant received the indication. A creditor may appeal a decision by application to the court in accordance with Rule 15.35 of the Rules. Any such appeal must be made not later than 21 days after the Decision Date.

Further details contact: Andrew David Rosler, Email:, Tel: 01204 66 3000.

Dorigen Sykes, Director/Convener

22 December 2017

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