Qualifying Decision Procedure

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Company Number: (07247113)

Registered office: 5 Barnfield Crescent, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1QT

Principal trading address: 10 Queen Street, Tintinhull, Somerset, BA22 8PQ

This notice is hereby given under Rule 15.8 of the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016 ("the Rules"). It is proposed that the following decisions be made: That a liquidation committee be established if sufficient nominations are received. That the Liquidator's fees be fixed by reference to the time given by him and his staff as set out in the fee estimate in attending to matters arising in the Liquidation, such time to be charged at the hourly charge out rate of the grade of staff undertaking the work at the time it was undertaken; and Also provided is a voting on which creditors may signify their decisions on the above matters. All voting forms, together with a proof of debt if one has not already been submitted, must be completed and returned to the Liquidator by one of the methods set out below: By post to: Kirks, 5 Barnfield Crescent, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1QT. By fax to: 01392 494349. By email to: dan@kirks.co.uk

Please note that, if you are sending votes by post, you must ensure that you have allowed sufficient time for the forms to be delivered at 9 am on the next business day after it was sent.

All voting forms and proofs of debt must be delivered by 23.59 on the Decision Date, 16 January 2018.

If the liquidator has not received a proof of debt by the time specified above (whether submitted previously or as a result of this notice), that creditor's vote will be disregarded. Any creditor whose debt is treated as a small debt in accordance with Rule 14.31(1) of the Rules must still deliver a proof if the creditor wishes to vote. A creditor who has opted out from receiving notices may nethetheless vote if the creditor also provides a proof by the time specified below.

Creditors who meet one or more of the statutory thresholds listed below may, within 5 business days from the date of the delivery of this Notice, require a physical meeting to be held to consider the matter.

Statutory thresholds to request a meeting: 10% in value of the creditors, 10% in number of the creditors. 10 Creditors.

A creditor may appeal by application to the Court in accordance with Rule 15.35 of the Rules. Any such appeal must be made not later after than 21 days after the decision date.

Further details contact: David Kirk, Tel: 01392 494349, Email: dan@kirks.co.uk

David Kirk, Liquidator

21 December 2017

Ag QF100047