Struggling to payday at record low

A survey by R3 and ComRes has revealed that fewer British adults say they are struggling from payday to payday than at any point in the last six years.

Just 36% of British adults say that they often or sometimes struggle to payday, down from a record high of 51% in May 2012. Among the findings, British adults continue to be more likely to expect their personal finances to improve (26%) than to worsen (15%) over the next six months.

Philip Sykes, president of R3, urges caution, however:

“Although personal insolvencies have fallen back to pre-recession levels, they are still well above where they were before 2003 when insolvency numbers started to grow rapidly. With so many people worried about their debts or struggling financially, relatively high numbers of personal insolvencies are not surprising.”

Over 2,000 British adults were surveyed.

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