Official data

The official information recorded in The Gazette, whether related to insolvency, transport or deceased estates is designed to support risk and opportunity management in business and government.

Our data is available in multiple formats and can be tailored to your requirements to ensure compatibility with your own internal systems and processes. Use the online tool below to choose the data you are interested in and request a price for a bespoke datafeed.

If you would like historical data please contact us to talk about your requirement.

Request a quote for a Datafeed

Step 1: Choose the data

You can select multiple categories by holding down the Ctrl key and making a series of selections.

You can tell us which notices you are interested in by telling us the notice codes. Each notice type published in The Gazette has a unique code, for example 2450. Notice codes are published on each notice page under 'Notice details'

You can tell us you are interested in more than one notice code by using a semicolon, for example: '2540; 2451; 2442'

Step 2: Select the frequency
Select the frequency
Step 3: Select the format and delivery
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Step 4: Additional requirements or questions
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