Winners of The Queen's Anniversary Prizes 2022-2024

The winners of The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Round 15 (2022-2024) have been published in The Gazette. We take a closer look at five of this Round’s Prize-winning colleges and universities.

What are The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes?

Granted by the reigning monarch every two years, The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes recognise outstanding work by UK colleges and universities that show quality and innovation and deliver real benefit to the wider world and public through education and training. The Prizes are the highest national honour awarded in UK further and higher education.

Who were The Queen’s Anniversary Prize winners for 2022-2024?

A total of 22 Prizes were announced for the 15th Round of The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes. See the full list of Prize-winners in a special Gazette supplement and take a closer look at five of this Round’s Prize-winning colleges and universities below.

The Queen's Anniversary Prizes 2022-2024

Two people throwing up a piece of fabric

University of the Arts, London

Global leadership and pioneering work in environmental and social sustainability, shaping the future of the fashion industry through teaching, research, industry and community-based practices.

University of the Arts London (UAL) has played an outstanding role in influencing perceptions of and actions towards environmental and social sustainability across the global fashion system to deliver real world benefits. UAL has become a world leader in shaping the fashion industry of the future, by enabling everyone from designers to manufacturers and suppliers to thrive amidst the challenges of the twenty-first century through new thinking and transformation.

People in lab coats and goggles looking at a syringe and test tube

Newcastle University

An interdisciplinary research programme of global excellence in water security, working in partnership with communities, industry, governments and NGOs to deliver lasting real-world impact in a field that encompasses floods, droughts, water quality and public health.

Water security is to have a reliable and acceptable quantity and quality of water. Developed over many years, Newcastle University’s research takes a holistic, interdisciplinary and solutions-focussed approach to water security that encompasses floods, droughts, water quality and public health.

Men in helmets and hi-vis jackets watching a walking robot

University of Oxford

Extensive and innovative research leading to major advances in autonomous robotic technology with applications across industry, notably transport, agriculture and energy; influencing UK policy for transport and safe nuclear power; and delivering technology for space exploration to ESA and NASA.

The Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) has delivered fundamental advances in autonomous robotics technology, providing new capabilities to industry and society, and supporting future sustainability and growth in sectors such as transport, agriculture, and energy. This has been made possible by the co-location of academics with professional engineers, in a dedicated space with shared hardware and software. Innovation is delivered via a unique systems-focused industrially-engaged virtuous cycle of system creation and real-world field trials, leading to the identification of new challenges for future development.

Two people picking grapes in a vineyard

Plumpton College

Innovator and developer of industry-led training and education programmes, supporting growth and sustainability of the English wine sector.

Plumpton College has been the sole innovator and developer of industry-led training and education programmes for the English wine industry since 1985. This progressive employer-college partnership has grown from foundation and degree programmes to an offer including a Master’s programme, industry CPD and more recently introductory-level wine academies and apprenticeships.

A collage of people on a white background

Prifysgol Abertawe | Swansea University

World-leading research that harnesses data to improve public health and wellbeing, providing a secure national data linkage and access system for all public data in Wales, and increasingly other UK nations, delivering population-level insights for governments and policymakers.

Swansea University’s Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) Databank is at the international forefront of Population Data Science, the growing and multidisciplinary field focusing on collections of individuals and the biological, economic, social, and environmental experiences that shape their lives, their health and their wellbeing.

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