Over 2,500 war memorials listed to commemorate World War One

war memorialTo commemorate the centenary of World War one, Historic England has completed a four-year project to list important memorials across the country.

Before the project began there were more listed telephone boxes (2,486) than war memorials (1,657). Historic England has been working in partnership with War Memorials Trust, IWM, Civic Voice, volunteers and school children to better understand these important local landmarks and protect them for the future.

Through the WW1 memorials programme, 2,645 war memorials have been listed, more than doubling the amount previously listed. War Memorials Trust submitted nearly 700 applications, including many that received grant funding for repairs throughout the centenary.

Each war memorial tells an important and moving story of both public and personal commemoration. Built by individuals and communities in the years following the conflict, these memorials are a poignant, physical reminder of sacrifice and loss brought about by the war.  

The official policy of not repatriating the dead means that these memorials were the main focus of grief for thousands of families and communities across the country.

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Pictured: Cheltenham war memorial after recent works, © War Memorials Trust